Our History

It all started after Leda Valente (CEO & Founder) went through an arduous and bureaucratic immigration process in the USA. As a lawyer, she tirelessly researched the possibilities of immigration through study and work.

Leda grew up in an entrepreneurial environment having helped her father open many startups in her home country of Brazil. Some businesses failed, while others succeeded –  however Leda continued to grow and gain invaluable experience and knowledge.

In 2013, while in the USA, she started her immigration process. This included several application and interviews for several types of visas. Leda improved her English skills, graduated with a Masters in Accounting from Bentley University and worked across several startups and also specialized in immigration. Ultimately Leda acquired her residency in the USA. The process improved her self-awareness driving growth both professionally and personally.

During this long journey, Leda became aware that other entrepreneurs and business owners were seeking success in their business in the USA, however they would run into multiple obstacles. They needed to understand the US business culture, financial guidance, business and legal understating.

It was then when Leda made a commitment to combine all her skills and experience with a passion for helping others to improve and establish their businesses and lives away from home – Lifeaway was created.


Our mission is to help entrepreneurs establish and improve their lives and businesses away from their home country.

Lifeaway Team

Leda Valente

Founder, CEO and Consultant
Boston, MA – United States

  • Bachelors in Law – Vianna Junior College (Brazil)
  • Master Degree in Accountancy – Bentley University
  • Specialist in taxes through Bentley University and Immigration law specialist through Washington College of Law (AUWCL)
  • 10+ years of experience in opening start ups and helping small businesses to grow; financial analysis, accounting and business law for small business in Brazil and USA
  • Passionate about helping people abroad, exploring new places and activities, and enjoying a nice glass of wine with friends
  • Helped several startups in the USA to grow in a healthy way understanding America’s culture

Ana Gabriela Azevedo

Book-keeper & Business Services Expert
Boston, MA – United States

  • 5 years of experience working with a variety startups in the USA
  • Focused expertises in: Administrative Services, Book-keeping, Customer Service;, Organization and Business Strategies
  • Loves helping people in a creative and strategic ways

Louise Loufik

Project Manager
Boston, United States

  • Leadership and Organizational Change Degree – UMass Boston
  • Specializes in Business Organization and Project Management
  • 7 years of experience driving unique projects and leading effective teams
  • Passionate in helping business owners improve their lives by achieving their business goals

Sarah Pires

Interpreter and Translator
Boston, MA – United States

  • Brazilian tax attorney with over 10 years of experience. Graduated from Candido Mendes University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Owner of Legalink Solutions – our partner company for document translations in different languages
  • Spent time living in Australia and later relocated to the United States in 2015 for studies and employment. While in the United States she resided in South Carolina, Texas and currently she calls Boston home.
  • 15+ years of legal and management experience in business and law with current focus in document translation
  • Sarah loves travelling, sports and law

Marcella Ferrari


  • Graduated at ESPM in Marketing and Advertisement
  • Over 10 years of experience in the industry
  • Originally from Brazil and lived in California and Florida. Currently resides in Dallas, Texas.
  • Has a very creative life – loves traveling, meeting and connecting with new people
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