Make your business successful through organization, financial and management strategies that fit your business needs!

Business Consulting & Coaching

  • Prospecting your business – Professional advice on how to turn a talent or idea into a profitable business.
  • Product/service creation – Strategies guidance to create and present a product or service that people will love and buy!
  • Improve the way you work – Work less hours and make more profit by learning time management and productivity methods.
  • Develop Leaders – Learn the “Mind of a Business Owner”. Improve people management skills and financial methods to keep your team accomplished.
  • Sales and Marketing – Learn marketing and sales strategy to keep your business growing.
  • Problem Solving and Issues Analysis – Find out what are the common mistakes in your field, how to avoid them and where you can improve your business.
  • Workflow and Operations Systems – Analysis and solutions on ways to connect departments. Focus on good communication, efficiency and productivity.
  • Employees analysis – Analysis of personality and performance of employees – set and achieve your goals by putting your team to work cohesively to deliver results quicker.
  • Business Development – Learn when to buy machinery, when and how much to invest, when to back off, when to hire or fire employees, etc.
  • Documents Organizational – Find out what’s important to be legal and in compliance.
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Administrative & Accounting Services

Financial and Bookkeeping

  • Bookkeeping – Get more from bookkeeping services! Know your numbers every month through bookkeeping reports: Monthly sales, sales taxes and expenses reports and more.
  • Financial Reports Analysis – Analyze the business health and development through the numbers. The numbers will help you make smart and strategic decisions.
  • Compliance – Set up agreements, simple contracts, policies, warnings and keep up with State and Federal regulations.
  • Business Formation – Application for the entity that suits your business (LLC, Corporations, DBA, Sole Proprietorship, Non-profit)
  • Business plan – We work with you to define your company goals and needs.
  • Taxes – File taxes on time and correctly
  • Payroll – Set up of payroll and employee benefits
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Other Services

  • Translation – Document translation of all kinds
  • Immigration Services – EB-3 Work Visa – Application
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